Welcome to Imaginative Biology! Here you can learn fundamental concepts in biology by following their history. Travel to different historical periods and learn how the inventiveness and imagination of several scientists were at the core of new scientific discoveries!

Imaginative Biology is aimed at high school and undergraduate students interested in biology. It provides a way to help them acquire a deeper understanding of core biological concepts. The texts available in the Learning section explain the evolution of ideas in biology through time and they have all taken into account the existing academic research on history of science.


Imaginative Biology is divided in the following sections:

News | Follow the latest news and events on Imaginative Biology, biology teaching and science education

Intro | Learn more about the pedagogical approach used in Imaginative Biology. Much of the inspiration for Imaginative Biology comes from a new pedagogical approach developed by the Imaginative Education Research Group, a research group in education at Simon Fraser University. You can also learn more about new perspectives on science education proposed by Bruce Alberts, an eminent American biologist who has made very important contributions to the field.

Learning | Learn more about fundamental concepts in biology. You can follow Darwin’s footsteps and learn how he developed his theory of evolution by natural selection, or the work of the researchers that have contributed to the first modern concept of the gene.

About | Learn more about the people behind Imaginative Biology.

Contact | Contact us if you have any commentaries, questions or ideas for the improvement of the existing sections of Imaginative Biology, or for the development of new ones.