Here you can learn more about the pedagogical approach followed in Imaginative Biology. Explore each section and learn more about the pedagogical foundations of this new approach to science education.


1 | Current challenges to science education
What are the current challenges to the teaching of biology and other scientific fields? How can we overcome them? Get to know some important actions that have already been taken regarding science education.

2 | The pedagogic importance of the history of science
Why is the history of science important for science education? How can the history of science contribute to overcome its current problems? Learn more about the potentialities of a historical approach to science teaching.

3 | Imaginative Education: a new pedagogical approach
What is imaginative education and how can it enhance science education? What are some of the main features of imaginative education? How does Imaginative Biology benefit from the imaginative education philosophy? Explore this section to understand more about this different approach to education.

4 | A new approach for teaching biology
What are the guiding principles of Imaginative Biology? Take a look at the main aspects of Imaginative Biology.